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Jul 06, 2018
Turn and Face the Strange

Ch- ch- changes……

Almost one year ago to the day I had my last day as a fully employed corporate adult. I spent last 4th of July in California with my parents relaxing. Now I am hopping on a flight once again back to the West Coast with the last of my things (shout out to my friend Stephanie for keeping some of my stuff at her place). While from the outside it may seem like I am right back where I started, I am so much further than I could have ever hoped to be.

Go out and see the world, come home for love.

In the past year I have been to 7 countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua), 17 music festivals (Oregon Eclipse, Lollapalooza, Ultra Bali, Quest, Bamboo Bass, Envision, Coachella Weekend 1 and 2, Ultra Miami, Shaky Beats, EDC Las Vegas, Sasquatch, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Firefly, Electric Forest Weekend 1 and 2), and 15 states (Oregon, Denver, Illinois, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Washington, Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan, Tennessee). It has been an amazing year of travel and self discovery but none of that would have been possible without first making that critical change.

Take a risk, make a change.

Change can be scary. Not changing can be scarier. I was living a good life before I started this journey. I had a great job, wonderful friends and family, and a steady paycheck. From the outside it looked like things were going good. However, deep down inside I was not happy. I knew I was not pursuing a career I really cared about. I knew I was spending money and going to festivals to escape my life rather than celebrate it. I knew I needed to make a change. The only problem was I had no idea what change I needed to make.

I had a million questions I kept asking myself on the daily- Do I move to a new city? Do I get a new job? If so, what job? Do I switch careers? Do I switch companies? What if I get a new job and hate that one too? Should I chop of my hair? Maybe I just need a new hobby? WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?!?!

Luckily I had a bit of money saved, a great support system, and a friend already traveling the world. So I quit my job, went to a couple music festivals, hopped on a plane to Bali, and never looked back.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Basically, I’m here to say take the fucking leap. Do not let the fear of the unknown hold you back. You may be surprised how even taking the smallest step can lead to big things you never imagined. Look at me I went from unemployed to business owner in less than a year!