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May 08, 2018
Creating It

All my life I have had ideas.

When I was younger I tried to start my own dog walking business. In middle school I founded a club, the Cultural Connections Club. In high school I started a barefoot soccer tournament fundraiser (that still happens every year). In college I was one of the founding members of an International Business Fraternity. Since graduating college I have started several random ventures, from food Instagram pages to nonprofits to everything in between. I am great with coming up with an idea, pursuing it for a couple months, and then moving on to the next thing. Or maybe I am just good at coming up with bad ideas. Or maybe to my benefit, I am good at realizing quickly when something is not going to work.

All these ideas and nothing has really ever taken off. That all changed with Fesitvate.

The idea started with a phone call. From there a few more calls happened. A few key conversations were had. Hands were shaken. A business was formed.

This whole thing happened within a matter of five months. Now, while the business itself formed rather quickly, that is not to say that it was not a long time in the making. It took me sending a lot of cold emails and doing a lot of work for free.

Here’s how it all started:

It’s crazy how life works. When you look back, you begin to realize that everything we do is connected. If I had not started my food Instagram then I would have never filled out CLTure’s contact form. I would have never covered my first music festival, Austin City Limits, as press. I would have never has the courage to send Festival Squad an email. I would have never become the International Editor, which got me more involved with the core team. If I had never quit my consulting job. If I hadn’t cut my Southeast Asia trip short. If I hadn’t come back to the States for Ultra Miami. If I hadn’t gone down to LA for two days. Or impulsively done both weekends of Coachella. Every article I wrote, every one I edited, every email I sent, every event I attended got me to this point. All the work I have done as a writer on my own and that to help others attend festivals. All of that work got me here.

Pay your dues. Do some work for free. Gain experience. Meet people. Keep trying until you get to where you want to be. 

Two years ago, when I was young post grad working as a risk and compliance consultant attending a Steve Miller Band concert as press for CLTure just because I wanted to get my first concert review done (honestly, it could have been Nickleback and I still would have attended), I could have never have imagined my path would have lead me here.

My friends got to hear me complain so much about wanted to quit but not knowing what to do. Then I quit and I still spent 6 months not knowing what I wanted to do or how I was going to make money and still be happy. But I kept waiting and kept putting myself out there. When you do not know what to do, try everything. Put yourself out there as much as possible.

It finally hit me when we made our first profit. When I got a paycheck from a business I co-owned I had an incredible feeling that all the work I have been doing for the past couple years is finally paying off. 

Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.