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Jan 04, 2019
Cash Money

How do I afford so many festivals?!

I W E R K .

I scheme. I hustle. I plot.

At any given point I have about 4-5 different hustles going on (everything from ghost writing to affiliate marketing). 

In the past few months, I also wracked up a lot of credit card debt.

Yes I have made myself another millennial statistic but hey you all keep asking so I’m going to give you the 100% real answer. Before I quit my job I saved up (which I probably could have made last longer but I am a terrible money manger tbh). This helped me to pay a couple months rent, travel, cover medical insurance, and monthly student loan payments. Then I got a pretty nice tax return in the Spring that kept me going until about June. Then I started accruing more serious debt. Now during that whole time I have had side hustles here and there making a money as I go. The biggest way I was able to attend so many festivals was because I didn’t have to pay for the actual ticket.

Of the 26 festivals here is the breakdown:

1. Bamboo Bass - media pass.

2. Envision- media pass.

3. Ultra- paid $450

4. Coachella- paid $350

5. Coachella- paid $325

6. Shaky beats- media pass

7. EDCLV- creator pass

8. Sasquatch- media pass

9. Gov Ball- media pass

10. Bonnaroo- guest pass

11. Firefly- media pass

12. Eforest- media pass

13. Eforest- live nation passport

14. Lollapalooza- guest pass

15. Moonrise - guest pass

16. Rize- media pass

17. Creamfields- Media pass

18. Electric zoo- media pass

19. Octfest- media pass

20. Music midtown- live nation passport

21. Imagine- Media pass

22. Dirtybird campout- crew pass

23. Hulaween- paid $375

24. EDCO- guest pass

25. Friendship- paid $1300

26. Decadence- media pass

13 media passes, 4 guest passes, 5 paid, one crew pass, one creator pass, and 2 live nation passport fests (it’s also important to note that when I bought the passport I thought I’d use it for way more festivals, I clearly did not predict getting some of the passes I got).

As you can see most of the time I attended as media or was fortunate to know someone with an extra pass. There are many other volunteer and work exchange opportunities outside of just media. 

Even though most of my tickets were covered I still had to cover my own accommodations, travel, and food. I was also figuring out ways to do everything on the cheap. Catching rides, eating PB&Js, not buying frivolous things, and cutting down on alcohol (which saved me money and lost me some lbs) were all ways I was able to go to 15 states and 7 countries this year. I also got a credit card with 0 interest for a year and a half and did two balance transfers so that none of my credit card debt will start accruing interest until late 2019. This all gave me a longer runway to see and do some pretty spectacular things.

On paper “26 festivals” to most looks like a pretty fun year (and don’t get me wrong I had a fucking blast) but this year was so much more than that. It gave me the chance to meet some inspirational people, learn more about myself, and start to shape my actions towards what I truly want to accomplish.

If you want something you will figure out how to make it happen. So now it's time for you to go do it for yourself.